When it comes to office cleaning in San Antonio there are so many more things to think about when it comes to your cleaning service. When we used to work in an office, the next day after the cleaning service would come, we would notice that thorough cleanings did not happen. There would be dust on our desks and computers, the air vents would be dirty for months on end and there were always sub par vacuuming and carpet cleaning jobs.

In a global pandemic, this type of subpar service can no longer be acceptable for businesses. Especially as we all try to open up our businesses to fullest extent possible. Employees and/or customers getting COVID-19 in our establishments is not an option.

Pioneer Texas Office Cleanings

What most Office Cleaning, Custodial or Commercial Cleaning Services are doing, is the bare minimum. To them your business and your customers are just another number that they have to check off a list. The more jobs they do the more money they make. At Pioneer Texas, our TOP PRIORITY is your employees and your customers’ safety. If customers and employees can’t trust your business to take the steps necessary to ensure that the environment is clean, you may as well not even open. You build trust with your employees and customers, by hiring the most thorough team in Texas. That is Pioneer Texas.

Pioneer Texas COVID-19 Disinfecting

Our COVID-19 Disinfecting is part of our standard services when you hire Pioneer Texas. We have a variety of methods for COVID cleaning and disinfecting and you can choose what ever method is best for your business and customers. We offer UV / UVC Light Disinfecting which penetrates bacteria and viruses and destroys the virus making it unable to spread. We also offer a topical botanical solution that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and allergens. This botanical solution coupled with our Electrostatic sprayers ensures that we get to all areas in your office. You can read more about our COVID-19 Disinfecting Services here.

When Pioneer Texas is part of your business’ team, we don’t treat it like just another job. You are entrusting us with your livelihood, your customer experience and how your employees see their owners and managers. This is a high bar and that is how we treat it. We hold our teams to a high standard and know that our business shines, when and only when your office shines. With a slate of options for any business owner, our office and commercial cleaning teams make sure they hit every nook and cranny they can in your office. Anywhere that dust bunnies may hide or surfaces where COVID-19 may hang around, we ensure that all surfaces are properly cleaned and disinfected.

There is so much more on the line now when you are thinking about and hiring a commercial or office cleaning service. Our teams know what is on the line when we are hired to clean your office and business and we do everything we can to ensure that there is that extra level of comfort anytime an employee or customer enter your business. Make sure to call Pioneer Texas in San Antonio today at (210) 569-2156. Just tap the phone number on your mobile device to call us today. We look forward to showing your the Pioneer Texas quality your employees and customers deserve.