Last week,  Texas Governor Greg Abbott made the announcement that most businesses could allow occupancy to open up to 75% capacity.  While businesses are clearly eager to get more consumers into their locations, this also comes with a greater risk.  After everything business owners have had to go through, keeping their business alive during the pandemic is hard. Customers and employees now have to trust that business owners are doing everything they can to keep them safe.

COVID-19 Disinfecting and Certification

There are so many reasons to keep your business disinfected, but most of all you want people to feel like they are in a safe environment.  We have all had to get used to washing our hands and wearing masks. But entering a disinfected environment really has a positive impact on the feeling of security.  Knowing that a business owner has put a lot of thought, care and concern into making a clean environment for his or her customers.  People are more willing to visit an establishment knowing that it has been treated not just on the surface, but a deep disinfecting clean of all surfaces.  This is key to the success of reopening, especially since disinfecting kills the germs associated with Covid-19.  An outbreak at a business would be devastating on so many levels. 

What can business owners do to help build and maintain trust with new customers? 

Customers are no longer looking for the biggest deal or best sale, they want to know that if they take the time to come to your location, it going to be safe.  Making sure that your business has been thoroughly disinfected adds more than just a level of comfort, but also takes away the concerns.  It allows businesses to offer an environment where the customer has one less thing on their mind to worry about.  It is so important to look for a business that are operated with certification of Covid 19. 

All business owners have faced difficult challenges during the pandemic.  Businesses not only want to try to maintain their business structure, but also find ways to build trust and grow.  The best way to do that during the age of Covid-19, is to show that you care about your employees and your customers by keeping them safe.  People will take notice when they see that you have added signage that reflects social distancing, hand sanitizer stations and reminders about entering with a mask.  But most importantly, they will want to see the certification that your business has been cleaned and disinfected for Covid-19.  That is what will build trust, safety, and allow for a pleasant experience.  As we are all doing our best to work our way through these trying times, that is key for success.

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