Even though Pioneer Texas is based in San Antonio, we serve all major metropolitan areas in Texas! So no matter if you are in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Waco or even Dallas – Ft. Worth, we have a crew that can serve your business! No matter what your business needs are Pioneer Texas has services that can help you focus on growing your business. We know this is a challenging time for a lot of businesses, and you need a partner that is transparent and communicates with you. We believe in open communication, transparency and our main goal is to help you grow your business.

Pioneer Texas Office Cleaning and Sanitizing

At Pioneer Texas, we know there is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing and just because something looks clean, doesn’t mean that it’s sanitary. Today employees and customers expect that your facilities be cleaned and sanitized. This is why we include COVID-19 disinfecting standard as a part of all of our packages. We have a variety of methods for Office and COVID cleaning and disinfecting and you can choose what ever method is best for your business and customers. We offer UV / UVC Light Disinfecting which penetrates bacteria and viruses and destroys the virus making it unable to spread. We also offer a topical botanical solution that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and allergens. This botanical solution coupled with our Electrostatic sprayers ensures that we get to all areas in your office. You can read more about our COVID-19 Disinfecting Services here.

How your office is cleaned is more important now than it’s been in the past. Having dust bunnies hanging out on your HVAC vents and on computer monitors is no longer acceptable. This gives the perception that the space has not been cleaned thoroughly, but what’s more important is what that tells your employees and customers when they see these small things. In a previous post from one of our owners, he really breaks down the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. “Cleaning removes dirt, debris, impurities, and lowers the number of germs on a hard surface. While this doesn’t kill germs, it does lower germ numbers by removal. If you are familiar with oxidizers like bleach, it is the free form of chlorine within the product which has the most germ-killing abilities. Once the free form of chlorine becomes bound, it is less biocidal, meaning its ability to kill germs weakens. What binds the free form of chlorine? Dirt, debris, and impurities; the material you should be removing by cleaning.” This goes to seeing the dust on computer screens, keyboards and on and around walls, ceilings and vents. Your office can never be cleaned and sanitized when these impurities a left as a harbor for germs and viruses.

Ray goes on to say in his open letter to business owners, “At Pioneer Texas our standard practice is putting this all together in order to ensure that our clients are properly cleaned and disinfected. By doing so, we are allowing our epa approved products to work at their best so that you can! Simply disinfecting will not give you the most effective result. The free chlorine in your bleach solutions and disinfectants are great. However, if the disinfectants are binding with debris or other material, it becomes less effective at killing germs. In the future, remember to ask your janitorial company if they are in fact cleaning before disinfecting. If not, the products are being wasted, money is being wasted, and most importantly they aren’t keeping you as safe as you deserve.”

You can read the full open letter here. As always you can call Pioneer Texas today at (210) 569-2156.

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