Pioneer Texas is a relatively new business venture for Mike and Ray, the owners. Both Mike and Ray come with an unmatched expertise in the field of commercial services. They have dealt in everything from commercial janitorial services to landscaping and porter services. Mike says, “Understanding what our clientele needs is an important piece of what we do. We don’t wait for our customers to tell us that they are ready for our services, we like to be proactive and be in communication with them about what we see so each business owner can make the best decision for their business.” Owning the business themselves helps Mike and Ray to understand that other business owners want to focus on doing the things that will grow their business. Not the things that don’t. Of course, in the normal course of operating a business, there are simple things that need done to keep the business maintained and perfect for the businesses customers. This is where Pioneer Texas comes in. Ray says, “Pioneer Texas provides the services that business need to maintain customer confidence and enhances the customer experience.”

COVID-19 Disinfecting

Of course, the novel Coronavirus has impacted all of us, this of course includes business owners and their employees. Covid-19 can be blamed for businesses having to shut their doors for extended periods of time. Mike and Ray agree, “Pioneer Texas has been on the forefront of Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting using all of the latest technologies, including electrostatic and UVC lighting.” As a business owner, what can you do? First, your employees want to know that they are safe coming to work. “When your employees feel safe, they make your customers feel safe. When your customers feel safe, they tell their friends and share their experiences about your business with their family and friends.” Ray went on to say, “this is probably one of the biggest things that most business owners miss. When people feel safe they share that out loud, in their Google and Facebook reviews, on Yelp and it sets the standard for expectation when they step into another place of business.” Setting the standard in an industry is nothing new to Mike and Ray. Learning the nuts and bolts of the commercial services business was just the start. Now they are at the leading edge of the commercial services industry, not just by doing right by their clients, but by going the extra mile for them. It sounds a little cliche, and it probably is, but when you are honest with people and tell them what is needed and why, they is more of a foundation for trust to be built.

Hard Work and FUN at Pioneer Texas

Mike and Ray have a similar work ethic. Work hard, play hard. This definitely trickles down to the entire Pioneer Texas team. Ray commented, “As the owners, we don’t just sit in our offices and expect our orders to be followed. We actually get down in the work with our entire team. If we have a landscaping project going, I guarantee one of us will be out there with a weed eater or edger to help.” And these owners like to have fun, whether its new twists and games to see who really soaks in the company training or poking fun at each other, Mike and Ray want to “make your business shine, like the floors we buff.”

If you are a business owner that wants to focus on building your business. Let Pioneer Texas focus on making sure your employees and customers are safe by calling Pioneer Texas in San Antonio today at (210) 569-2156 today.