The Most Reliable Commercial Disinfecting Services in San Antonio

Pioneer Texas can provide your employees and customers peace of mind with the latest commercial disinfecting technologies and strategies administered by licensed professionals. Our commercial disinfecting services are included with our regular Office Cleaning, Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services. Business owners in San Antonio and throughout Texas have enough to worry about, this allows you the additional time to focus on growing your business.

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Here are all the ways Pioneer Texas can disinfect your business.

Pioneer Texas Commercial Disinfecting with Ultraviolet Light

What is Ultraviolet (UV) Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) light rays are the wavelengths outside of the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from 100nm-4000nm.  Broad-spectrum UV are naturally occurring, and are emitted from the sun, but UVC gets absorbed in the ozone layer of earth’s atmosphere.

Within the range of UV rays exists a range of rays called UVC (from 100-280 nanometers).  These rays are medically categorized as germicidal, giving any rays in this range the ability to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa, including the coronavirus.  Additionally, this technology is commonly used in water sterilization, medical facilities, and HVAC ducting at low power.  It is environmentally friendly and chemical free.

How UV Works

When ultraviolet rays enter a cell, it disables the cell by damaging critical acids and proteins rendering the organism inactive or unable to reproduce.

Can UVC help Prevent COVID-19 Transmission?

Based on results of experiments, existing evidence shows that exposure to UVC can inactivate common microbes and serve as an effective method to no-touch disinfection.  All bacteria and viruses tested to date respond to UV disinfection.  Some organisms are more susceptible to UV disinfection that others, but all tested so far do respond at the appropriate doses.

How UVC Disinfection works.

UV Rays operate at a shorter wavelength than all visible light.  The UV wavelength can penetrate viruses, bacteria and other infectious particles and cause physical destruction. The destruction of these particles renders them unable to infect and therefore disinfects the surface, liquid or air where they reside.

Is UV Disinfection safe?

Ultraviolet rays have been used for disinfection purposes for many years, so we know that with proper precautions in place, UV is safe to use for disinfection.  As long as those operating the disinfection services are trained in the use of UV light and are themselves protected, the process is safe.

Pioneer Texas Commercial Disinfecting with Botanical Disinfectant Solution

Pioneer Texas associate , cleaning and disinfecting counter of a small coffee shop in San Antonio, Tx.

Pioneer Texas utilizes a variety of disinfecting strategies that would best benefit your home or business.  You’ve already read about our UV Light disinfection, but we also offer a botanical disinfectant solution.

This is a heavy duty cleaner and disinfectant that is is EPA registered and does not contain harmful chemicals.  With no harmful chemicals this is safe for all office spaces, cubicles, kitchenettes and bathrooms.  If you own a restaurant or food service based business, our botanical disinfectant solution is safe for all surfaces where food is handled and or prepared.

This commercial quality disinfectant does not require the use of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Our botanical disinfecting solution also:

  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Molds
  • Kills Norovirus in just 4 minutes
  • Eliminates 99.9% of most Allergens
  • Is safe on food contact surfaces
  • Is “no-rinse” required
  • Sanitizes soft surfaces in 2 minutes
  • Kills odor causing bacteria

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Commercial Disinfecting with Pioneer Texas Innovative Electrostatic Sprayers

All of our Electrostatic sprayers are extremely versatile and provide maximum coverage for large surfaces and hard to reach places.

Our Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer can be utilizes a One liter tank and is optimal for use in hard to reach or small square footage areas of your business.

Our Professional Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer provides maximum coverage for large scale business and warehouses.

All of our sprayers utilize our specialized cleaning and disinfecting solutions to make sure we are achieving the highest level of disinfecting to ensure that your employees and customers are safe from the moment they enter your business.

While most commercial service companies charge extra for disinfecting services, Pioneer Texas knows how important this service is to you, your employees and customers.  That is why we include this with your commercial cleaning, office cleaning or janitorial services quote.  For more information, just call 210-569-2156 today.

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