Whether it’s a commercial office space or a retail property, cleaning is an essential part of creating a healthy work environment and establishing a positive reputation. Clean spaces are also linked with increased productivity among employees, and less sick days taken. Smaller businesses might attempt it on their own, but it’s widely acknowledged that commercial cleaning services are the best bet for a hassle-free experience. Yet, it’s not always easy to finding a reliable janitorial service that will get the job right for your South Florida business premises. Firstly, there are many office cleaning services that tout their expertise with no clear evidence of their success rate or service quality. While some may in fact offer a great cleaning, most are unable to deliver on their tall promises.

Here are 6 key aspects to review when looking for a janitorial service for your business requirements in San Antonio, Houston, Austin , or any of the surrounding areas:


What are people saying about the janitorial service you plan to hire? A great way to know more is by checking reviews on verified websites, asking others in your network who have used the service and connecting with employees working there. While anyone can make bold claims about their business, only the credible companies will live up to the expectations they build. It is also a general practice to request the service for unbiased references. If possible, contact those individuals or organizations personally and learn more about their performance, request response time and consistency. See some red flags? Don’t take unnecessary risks, and go ahead with researching other alternatives on the list.

Customer Service Orientated

Outstanding companies go the extra mile when it comes to respecting their customers’ time and providing them the best janitorial service possible. While cleaning should be a priority, cultivating strong relationships is also vital. A sign of a successful company in this industry would be one that continually maintains regular communication, clearly identifies issues and provides speedy solutions. They should also be willing to follow up with you consistently and ensure that you are satisfied with the level of cleaning executed.

Price and Scope of Service

It is best to stay realistic about the budget you intend to allot for professional cleaning services in advance. There are a range of packages provided to suit the needs of every business. However, don’t let pricing be the only criteria for choosing a commercial cleaning service provider. If you see that your shortlisted company is transparent about the rates charged, and has a stellar reputation, shelling out a little extra may be beneficial in the long run. In case you need further clarity, don’t hesitate to ask for more information about their proposal and how they determine pricing. There are certain services that are not required by every company. Usually, a standard janitorial service is willing to be flexible based on the scope of cleaning needed.

License and Insurance

Many companies fail to prioritize this point, but the selected janitorial service must have a business license and provide sufficient insurance documents for the cleaning activities they provide. It is important to verify a cleaning company has workers compensation, general liability, and a surety bond. These are the standard insurance policies reputable  janitorial services maintain.

Who takes care of any accidents on the job? What about theft by a cleaning services staff? While it happens rarely, common complaints include things like a service worker causing damage to office equipment or using cleaning products incorrectly. In such situations, having insurance can be a life-saver for you.

Equipment and Supplies

Established janitorial service providers in Texas, will hold a client’s safety paramount. A few things to assess would be whether the office cleaning service is using safe and green cleaning products along with cleaning techniques that are environmentally-friendly, so there’s no negative reaction among their clients. Trustworthy and appropriate cleaning equipment in the industry includes HEPA backpack vacuums, bucket-less microfiber flat mops, color coded microfiber towels and green cleaning chemicals.

There is a lower chance of janitors causing damage to surfaces due to inaccurate application of cleaning products, if they consistently use the products they train with. For instance, understanding that hospital grade disinfectants are used for most surfaces and stainless steel polish, and glass cleaner are used for others. In cases where the client is expected to provide appropriate equipment or supplies, it is extremely inefficient in the long run, and can cost them hundreds of dollars each year.


While maintaining the utmost safety on the client site is one aspect of professionalism that is naturally expected, the other is the overall presentation of the company concerned. One subtle way to observe this is by checking the work of its service staff. If they are sloppy and do not take pride in their tasks, they may be unhappy with their company or do not need to adhere to certain standards in their work.

A lax work ethic indicates the overall lack of quality and professionalism on the company’s part. In addition, employees who wear uniforms distinguish themselves as making a serious investment in their success. Check their website to assess whether the commercial cleaning services company has a clear concept of their brand and focuses on visibility. Truly professional companies give importance to how they are perceived by prospective clients, and often that includes spending resources on developing quality brochures, business cards and flyers.

Keep the above mentioned tips in mind when embarking on a search for the ideal commercial cleaning service in your area, to save time and effort. At the end of the day, you should be happy and completely satisfied with the service provided by the company you choose. Finding an industry leader to execute the task allows for a greater chance of success and results in the assigned space looking as good as new! If you are interested in learning more, get in touch with us today.