Commercial Properties have to look flawless with a well maintained outdoor landscape. An excellent and well-maintained garden invites most customers and increases your company’s reputation. Most of the businesses pay less attention to the outer space of the commercial property than the interior of the building. But when someone enters your company, the first thing that they see is the outdoor landscaping. By following some simple commercial landscaping tips and ideas, you can enhance the look of the outdoor premises of the building. A beautifully designed landscape also provides an excellent work environment for the workers and in turn, helps in creating a favorable opinion of your caring towards the company and the employees.

Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Your Property

1. Give attention to the Entrance :

An inviting and appealing entrance space is most important for a Commercial building. Create welcoming and distinct access to your property. Use materials with different textures and colors. Create unique pathways to attract the customers.

2. Plants :

Add different plants and color to your space. Try to display your company’s name or logo using plants and shrubs. This would be a definite eye-catcher, but be careful to choose only those plants that complement your landscaping and style of your building.

3. Outdoor Furniture :

Outdoors are mostly used for gathering. So place modern and traditional furniture in the outdoors for the employees and customers visiting your place. Plain wooden benches can create a sense of relaxation.

4. Decorative Features and Hardscapes :

Keep an eye on the decoration of the landscaping. Use decorative features like fountains and statues. Choose the sculptures that are appealing but also complimenting your buildings. Along with giving a good look to the premises, hardscapes also provide security for your construction. Stone ways or pathways with colorful flowering plants offer a pleasant experience for the pedestrians who walk into your office.

5. Clear Visibility and Lighting :

Do not cover the building with huge trees. Have your building seen by the people in all the possible directions. Use of bright and attractive colors enhance the look of the building. Outdoor lighting not only provides safety for the building but also blooms your landscape at nights.

Top Commercial Landscaping Tips to Follow

1. Check for any Damages :

Always take time to have a walk in the garden. By doing so, you can notice the small damages that are present in the lawn. The damages could be broken pavements, sinkholes, and any other unsafe conditions. It’s important to check the damages and get them repaired on time.

2. Check out the Irrigation Systems :

For any lawn, the irrigation system is most important, and any damages in the system can lead to severe landscape drainage problems for the garden and plants. Check out the nozzles, valves, sprinklers and water pipes for the damages. Check the systems if they are working correctly or not.

3. Clean up the Debris Regularly :

Garbage is the most important thing to be taken care of any lawn. Clean the trash from time to time, and you can also use the leaves, grass clippings, and other waste to make compost for your yard.

4. Use Right Fertilizer at the Right Time :

For the plants to be healthy and green, conduct the propagation at regular intervals. The compost that is formed by the waste can be used, or you can use the recommended fertilizers for the lawn. Be sure that you use the right fertilizer at the right time.

5. Overseed and Mow :

If there are patches present in the lawn, make sure to cover up the thatches by the over-seeding process. Seeding is done to protect the turf in the garden. Mowing is also to be done to keep the grass in the lawn in good shape every time.

6. Control the Pests and Weeds :

Weeds and pests are the significant problems for any lawn. Always take help of a professional to get rid of the weeds and pests in the garden. Use the recommended pesticides to protect the plants from pests and bugs.