Two to three times a year your business should undergo some kind of deep cleaning. Now remember each office building is different and may require more time on one thing and less on another, but if you are checking your current office cleaning service to ensure they are doing what you need them to, just follow these simple steps.

Deep Cleaning Offices Start From The Top Down

To make things as efficient as possible its always good to look at an office cleaning the same way you was your car. Start from the top down. Of course, you CAN go from the bottom up, but what good would that be? As you get to the top all the dust particles are going to come down from the dusting of lights, fans and vents. So it’s always best to start with a high dusting for all the vents and light fixtures. Dust and dirt have a hard time going UP, once they’ve been cleaned.

Vacuum all the blinds, drapes windowsills, tracks, etc.

This step can involve multiple windows and surfaces, and don’t forget the walls. After you complete that initial high dusting, particles then start to fall all over the floor and walls. As you work your way down, make sure you are also dusting the walls, in addition to the blinds, windowsills, drapes, etc. This will then be followed with a through dusting and cleaning of all the doors, doorknobs.

Move Your Furniture,/h2>
If your current office cleaning service as not moved the furniture in your office to clean underneath, then that is a tell tale sign that you need to call Pioneer Texas. Your office cleaning service should be moving all furniture and thoroughly vacuuming or mopping under each piece of furniture. As the vacuuming and cleaning continues, everything at this point, down to the baseboards needs to be wiped, cleaned and/or disinfected. This includes all surfaces as employees remove everything from their desks. You can then move forward and sanitize all the computer screens, keyboards and office chairs.

Kitchen and Bathrooms Should Take A Majority of Your Time

The two rooms, kitchen and bathrooms are the two spaces in any office that are the most prone to accumulating viruses, bacteria and other germs. Again, as you clean and wipe down the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, appliances, again start from the top down. Ensure that you are disinfecting and wiping down all kitchen and bathroom walls, sinks, urinals, toilets and if space allows, do some sort of a machine scrub on the floors in these areas. Machine scrubs will definitely get rid of any and all residual stains and smells. Be sure, if you are dong a machine scrub in these rooms, that sometimes caulk or sealant can come off with the machine scrubber, so ensure that you redo any caulking around the toilets and sinks.

While your office cleaning company is in the “deep cleaning” mode, here are some things that you should also be asking about. Sometimes these services are extra, if these are included in any deep cleaning you ask them to do:
– Window Cleaning
– Carpet Cleaning
– Strip and Wax

Electrostatic Disinfecting Services

This part of the process is usually done after everything in your office has been properly wiped, sanitized and vacuumed. Pioneer Texas offers Electrostatic disinfecting services and comes included in some of our office cleaning packages. We use an EPA registered disinfectant so it is safe for your employees. We usually do this at the end of our deep cleaning process because the spray contains positively charged particles. As these particles are sprayed onto surfaces, they adhere to these surfaces so that you get a much deeper disinfecting.

Call Pioneer Texas today at (210) 569-2156 to ask about our deep cleaning and electrostatic disinfecting to make sure your office is as clean and healthy as possible for you and your employees.

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