When I was very young and thought I knew it all, I got together with my best friend, came up with a concept for the coolest bar ever and we registered a name with the state (Lonestars and Guitars) with an idea to create a bar like no other. The concept was so simple and cool that it could appeal to everyone. The bar would have 2 areas.. one for the single crowd “Lonestars” and then an open mic area for those with musical ambitions “guitars.” Eventually the two would merge and the guitars would play for the Lonestars and ALL would live happily ever after….(don’t steal my idea.. It’s still on the backburner! Lol)

But, here’s the problem: We didn’t execute and follow it through, so our idea was essentially wasted in space. What I do know now, is that there are places like this all over Texas and they are doing exactly what Jeff and I had envisioned, but you get the picture. Looking at the trends of that industry, the Texas music scene turned into a multi-million-dollar asset. That’s right: We all had the same great idea, but we lost and the other guys and gals won — simply because they executed and followed through.

Several years have passed since that time, I have worked for several organizations that have helped me understand the value of follow through and the nature of my younger selfs mistakes. Pioneer Texas, however wasn’t my first idea and it certainly isn’t my last idea. But it is the first idea that I fully executed and followed through with the established plan created, which has led to our early success. Now I’m not here to speak on my successes and failures, but how critical follow through is to our day to day operation. The actions we take have become integrated into our “Culture!”

Websters Dictionaries definition of follow through is to press on in an activity or process especially to a conclusion. When we think of follow through, we tend to think its taking action, but in essence it isn’t. Following through is figuring out how things will be done on an ongoing basis. Once the expectations and goals have been set, the steps needed to accomplish them is a must. Associates, supplies, budgets, tools, time line and this list goes on dependent on the client or project. This is also where a good organizational system must be developed. Who does what. After that, following through means keeping your word. Below are some examples of our culture and how Pioneer Texans Follow through.

Set clear expectations (whether to an associate or client make sure they are aware of the product)
Employee Training
Client Relationships
Standardized processes
Consistency in the field (automatic follow through)
Open communication
Keep our promises

All are important to following through. Ecclesiastes 5:4-7 tell us, if you make a promise to God, keep your promise. Don’t be slow to do what you promised. God is not happy with fools. It is better to promise nothing than to promise something and be able to do it. The same rings true in all that we do.

In business, it is an honor to be able to serve the associates and clients that we have, as it is a competitive landscape out there with some serious giants. However, it’s quite the blessing to build relationships from those associates and clients.

Until next time Thank you for taking the time and many blessings.

-Ray Trevino – Chief Happiness Officer, Pioneer Texas, LLC