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Tips for Keeping Your Small Business Clean and Disinfected

As the State of Texas allows small business to open to 100% capacity, these can be challenging times for your small business, especially if you run a retail store or restaurant. Concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are causing people across the country to avoid public spaces as much as possible and […]

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10 Signs That You Need A New Office Cleaning Service

Are your office cleaning services working for you and your facility, or is it a swing and a miss? How do you know it’s time to go to bat for a new office cleaning service? And if you are out in the marketplace searching for a better solution, how do you avoid wasting your time […]

A Life Of Service

A life of service.. What does that mean? And how does it translate to business? Oftentimes entrepreneurs will start a business for many reasons.. For fame, fortune, wealth and honor. I have witnessed first hand all of these reasons within different business leaders. All misconstrued and very selfish. The good intentions seem to be there […]

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How To Clean And Disinfect For COVID-19

Pioneer Texas gets so many questions about our COVID cleanings, but one thing to note is that cleaning and DISINFECTING are to totally separate things. Both need to be done to ensure that you, your home, your business, employees and customers stay safe. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are cleaning […]

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The Downfalls of Cleaning Your Business On Your Own

If you own a business of any kind, you probably have dozens of tasks you need to complete on any given day. Most business owners to-do lists are a mile long! One facet of your company you don’t need to be overseeing, though, is cleaning. Dealing with your own everyday maintenance can be both tedious […]

Seeing 20/20 At The End Of 2020

According to medical experts, a person with 20/20 vision has perfect vision. Meaning they can see the world clearly. So it’s fitting that the year 2020 gave us perfect vision. It was a year filed with disruption in every aspect of our daily lives. But the one thing that the year 2020 has taught us, […]


How to Prevent And Reduce Transmission of COVID-19 At Your Business

According to the CDC, there are some simple things that businesses are already doing to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. In a lot of cases, these practices may already part of your normal protocol. Conducting daily heath checks, daily or weekly hazard assessments and encouraging your employees to wear cloth face coverings, if appropriate. […]

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An Extra Reason To Schedule Your Cleaning Today

Let’s be honest. 2020 has been a rough year for just about everyone. We have all had to sacrifice. Whether you are wearing a mask, or keeping your kids at home to do virtual school it has bee rough on all of us. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to […]